Top 3 Wedding Planning Mistakes


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The date is set and you’ve finally got the chance to plan the bridal of your dreams. When you imagine how it’s going to be, you think that nothing can go wrong. After all, it’s your big day! Everything is bound to be perfect! But, in reality, this is not how it’s going to turn out. There are bound to be a few glitches here and there. Here are the top 3 wedding planning mistakes.

Letting out all the details

It is quite normal to be excited as the big day approaches. But you must ensure that you contain this excitement and stop dishing out all the details of the nuptial to every other person you meet. This might give other brides to be your ideas which they might include in their nuptial. In addition, if the guests are aware of what to expect, they are not going to be swept away on the main day and everything might seem repeated, as they would have already visualized it during your explanation. So it’s best to keep mum and let them be awestruck on the big day.

It’s obvious that you aren’t the only one getting married during that time of the year. Especially, during wedding season when the venue and cheap limo service are fully booked and the bridal stores are packed with brides. In such situations, it is quite normal for someone else to wear a similar dress or choose the décor that you had in mind. But, there is no point stressing out over this and trying to compete with other brides in an attempt to be the best out of the lot. If someone has chosen your favorite hairstylist, you could opt for someone else instead of getting frustrated over this.

Constantly changing your mind

Many brides make the mistake of being quite indecisive. Although, this may seem alright during the initial stages of planning, it is not acceptable once all the reservations have been made. Most of the nuptial bookings must be done a few months in advance and any last minute changes are rarely welcome without a solid reason to do so, If you have chosen a wedding limo hire from Melbourne, then don’t decide at the last minute that you want another mode of transport for your big day or don’t wait until the last minute to realize that the dress you chose does not flatter your figure. Make decisions and stick to them!Although, making mistakes is inevitable, these are some major ones that you must be aware of, in order to avoid making them.